About the 1st Cuisine And Art exhibition! France – Flagn’art 2016

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Cuisine And Art with the soul of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec have the pleasure to invite you to the 1st exhibition of Cuisine And Art, which will be a part of Flagn’Art 2016 (12300 Flagnac, France)!

Among the 19 other artists (including Gisèle Garric, Katia Terpigoreva and Felip Costes) I will show Cuisine And Art photos in an extraordinary place – an old celler, where there was kept an alambic still (used to distil alcohol)! It is dark, wet (very wet to be honest) with a well in the corner. Old stone walls with beautiful arches. Absolutelly amazing!

Alambic still / Alembik; from / z: www.la-maison.biz

Please come and enjoy!
OPENING – this Fri 15th July at 6pm!

And if you want to meet me there – I will be there also on Sat 16th between 5 and 8pm.

How to get there: Rue du Lavoir, 12300 Flagnac (FR)
more info: http://www.facebook.com/cuisineandart

Cuisine And Art PREMIERA!!! – wystawa podczas FLAGN’ART 2016 (FR) w wyjątkowym (ciemnym i bardzo mokrym) miejscu, gdzie stał alembik do wyrobu “wody życia” (“l’eau de vie” – jak mawiają Francuzi), czyli bardzo mocnego alkoholu i gdzie w rogu znajduje się głęboka studnia! Niesamowite miejsce do zaprezentowania zdjęć Cuisine And Art razem z przepięknym ceramicznym jedzeniem Gisèle Garric!

Serdecznie zapraszam!!!

Gisèle Garric by Cuisine And Art; Flagn’art 2016
Gisèle Garric by Cuisine And Art; Flagn’art 2016

Dojazd: Rue du Lavoir, 12300 Flagnac (FR)
Informacje: http://www.facebook.com/cuisineandart